About me

I became a VFX junkie back in 2003 when I rendered my first teapot and learned what an alpha channel is... For the last eight years, having worked professionally with a vast array of studios, agencies and individuals and on a variety of projects I have built a solid understanding of VFX and 3D production. Having on set experience has also helped me understand production needs and budgets. My passion is Compositing however I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with 3d Studio Max or Maya to do some generalist 3D work. I have a bit of TD in me as I can understand and write small Python scripts in order to optimize the workflow and I always enjoy cracking a technical challenge.

Software Skills of an Advanced Level:

Nuke, After Effects, Mocha, Photoshop, 3ds Max, VRAY, Mari, Premiere, PFtrack

Software That I am Familiar With:

Smoke (linux), Maya, Zbrush, Syntheyes, Final Cut, Vue X-treme

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