Here you can find a more indepth look at some of the projects that I have been working on. Also you can download (for free) few NUKE gizmos and HDRI maps that I've created and use in production.

04 / 01 / 2016
2015 was a busy year - hopefully the list is going to keep expanding in 2016 :)
06 / 09 / 2015
A CG event was happening in Vilnius and I could not miss that - it was great to meet loads of great people in my home country! Also the Vray for nuke Presentations were amazing!
04 / 08 / 2015
Small nuke gizmo that I build to shuffle out and combine various ID passes. When plugged into a RGB ID pass it automatically shuffles/combines selected channels to one single matte. This can save time that it would take to manually create shuffle nodes and combine them. (Expand a this post to see a quick example)
End User Event
01 / 07 / 2015
This June I had the pleasure to attend End User Event in Utrecht, Netherlands for the first time. And it was a blast! Very impressive and inspirational talks from amazing people in the industry! I also had a chance to try out some new VR tech.
Showreel 2015
07 / 01 / 2015
My new showreel is out!
No More Heroes Video Progress
03 / 01 / 2015
New year new renders.. Everything is slowly coming together for an upcoming music video that I'm working on.
04 / 12 / 14
Fantastic video by Erik Wernquist!
Staliningrad - Making Of
10 / 09 / 14
Really amazing work done by guys from Main Road post. One of the best making ofs I have ever seen... Truly inspiring!
01 / 08 / 14
Another HDRI that I made. Link to download:
Docks HDRI
05 / 04 / 14
A quick HDRI with a few backplates that I shot in the Newcastle's Quayside area some time ago.
new kit!
29 / 03 / 14
Testing my new 5D mIII HDRI rig... It was blooody cold that day! :)
Get as much as you can on the day!
23 / 02 / 14
I had the pleasure to do some VFX supervising on one music video and this was the last day of the shoot. As always the schedule was tight and the one VFX heavy scene got pushed towards the end of the day. By the time I finished doing HDRI's it was getting really dark. However as the location was very central I thought that I can always come back to do the rest of the measurements and reference images… Well... Things change.... This is what I found when I got back few weeks later.